Our hearts were prepared for another child, as when Matthew came home we were already doing a home study with a foster agency. We were not planning on fostering a child, but rather to receive a baby that was going to be adoptable.

When Matthew was seven months old, we got the call. The agency showed up with four month old Jonathan. He was a new adjustment for us, for he was much bigger then a new born.

The lady that brought him through our door said “ You can keep him as no one else wants him”.

Well that was a little cold to say, but what she was referring to was the high incidence of little black boys that needed homes and how hard they are to place.

Jonathan gave us a run for our money in the patience department. He cried a lot. I might go so far to say all the time, but there were breaks.

He had been used to sleeping in his foster mom's bed with her, instead of a crib. I can't sleep with a baby, as I would worry more about the baby and not get sleep, so Jon had to learn to sleep in a crib at our house.

This was a horrible adjustment for him. He cried nightly for hours in the middle of the night. I always thought that if you let a baby cry it out, they would soon learn to manage life on their own, but Jon was extremely stubborn and it was weeks before we got any real peace at night.

I was now caring for kids ages 12,10,7,5,2, 18 mo. 7 months and 4 months old. Not getting sleep at night was hard on all of us and our hands were full.

You would think that we might not want to adopt any more children after that, but God had the Plan. It was the master plan and He knew what was in store for us.

Jon soon settled in, but we knew that he had gone through a pretty awful adjustment.

It does not matter the age of the child, adoption is a shock to them. To Jon, being moved from a home that he had already begun to bond in, was a shock to him and he did not understand these painful feelings at such a young age.

The home that was his former foster home, had been found  to have a past felony. This is a big "no no" in foster care, so Jon had to be removed from that home.

However I did speak with the foster mom and she was quite bonded with Jon and worried about him after he left there.

Jonathan is my most sensitive child today. He is very thoughtful of others. However he is also the one with the most damage from being born with drugs and alcohol. We have a day to day challenge to keep him where he needs to be in school.

Chapter 10

Matty and Jenny, Future wife :)

Jonny holding grand babies Jayden and Aniyah

Bri's children

Megan Jacob Nathan



Anna reading to Mat, Caleb, Jon and Bri. 

She works as a Nanny today

At the Zoo

Matthew pure joy

This little miracle almost became a boy. You are probably wondering how that happened.

Well we were approached by a woman in our church whose daughter was having a baby. The baby was biracial and going to be a boy.

We were seeking the Lord about this, but were not sure that anything was wrong. Maybe our little AA girl was coming after. It is amazing how we have to try the spirits to see if they be of God.

This little guy was born. I had created a baby blanket for him and we were prepared. We waited as the birth mom went through things and as time went on, we knew he was not coming home to us. She kept him. This was the plan of God for this little guy, but I still grieved the loss of this baby.

God did take note of my grief as you will see his restoration in our next child after Briana.

We literally did the "pray and read the phone book", tactic, of finding a lawyer, but I do know that the Lord was really in this. The lawyer that we found ended up walking us through all of our five adoptions and her husband has been our dentist all of these wonderful years of raising our children.

She is one awesome lady, Ruth S. Ruth helped us so much in every adoption.

Well when this little boy fell through, we were in contact with Ruth and another lawyer named Tom T. It was only but two weeks later, when Tom T. called, and he had an AA baby girl for us to adopt. God is so fast!! (sometimes, lol) Wow and she was everything that God had said that she would be too.

The day of court was as long as being in real labor for a baby. I paced and tried to keep busy, as we waited to hear if the birth mom would go through with everything and sign papers in court.

Briana's mom was 21 and this was her third child to be born. She felt she could not handle any more at her age. I don't blame her. 21 is way too young for even one baby.

I was 36 when we adopted Briana and we had four birth children. I was stretched even then. However this was God's plan and we knew it.

We were about to embark on a new horizon that would change our lives forever.

The call finally came. The birth mom had signed. Relief flooded my inner spirit and excitement filled my heart!

I was to go to Ruth's office to pick up this new little baby. I could hardly believe it. I had not just gone through the pain of labor. I was totally healthy and filled with vigor as I went to pick up my new child.

At the office it was rather like the twilight zone. There was this new little girl with dark hair and dark skin. She was so different to what I had been used to.

All of my birth children were fair skinned and bald with light hair.

Here was this little cherub with a whole head of black thick hair. I knew that I was in for an amazing experience.

On the trip home, Briana started crying in the car seat, right behind my head, in the backseat. Wow, it made it so real. I was telling my self that I was actually a new mommy with a real child. It was sinking in, but it had a long ways to sink yet.

Briana is and always has been a totally precious child. She has a personality that most would dream to have. Everyone loves her. She never fights or argues with anyone. She is amazing.

However as a new baby, she cried a lot. It took us weeks to find out that she was lactose intolerant. I wore a whole lot of her formula before we put her on a soy based formula.

That worked. She kept it down after that.

Her adoption was a huge adjustment to us and it seemed that we were just starting to get used to it when God dropped a bomb shell on us. His name was Caleb.


Author: Terry Quinn

Shortly after Christina left our lives, we were called by God to move out of Vermont, to Columbus Ohio. Michael's Job with IBM transferred us.

We knew that we would not adopt our first black child in Vermont. The state was highly Caucasian. There were a few African American people, but very few.

Coming to Columbus, Ohio was part of the whole plan and we knew it.

We packed up our whole house and our three little children and embarked upon this journey.

At first it was really scary to come to such a large city. I was a city girl by Vermont's standards, but Burlington Vermont is very tiny in comparison to Columbus, Ohio.

However within just a couple short weeks, I was driving all over the city and feeling at home here.

IBM put us up in a corporate apartment. That was a lot of fun. We ate all our meals out and eventually got tired of restaurants. I can't imagine that today, but too much of any good thing, can take away the fun.

We found a house, settled down and within a couple months, I was pregnant with our promised little girl, Anna. Once again, I only felt this was a girl, but this time I had the Lord's word on it.

However when she was born, I asked Mike to pinch me. I did not believe I was in real time and I had my truly promised little girl from the Lord.

Anna was pure joy too. She was adorable and cuddly. We would take her from her crib at night and play with her for a while and put her back. She would go right to sleep. She was amazing.

We now had two girls and two boys. All was working well with the plan of God. We had four amazing, healthy children. What more could a family want for?

However God had given us a call and we never forgot it. Two years after Anna was brought into the world, the Lord said “it is time”. It was time for that other little promise to come home, Briana.

Chapter 4

This girl was an all around 

athlete, dancer, high jumper, cheerleader

and so talented!

I never dreamed that my life, would have been so full of children. Actually when I was younger, I loved babies and wanted to be a mom so badly, but life sized children made me uneasy. They asked too many questions. How come and why questions, would get on my nerves. I never considered myself a “natural” parent. I could identify with Moses in the Bible. I never felt qualified.

The Lord picks the least qualified to fulfill his plans sometimes. It is the only way that He can get the glory. When we are weak, He is strong!!

I used to fantasize being a mom to an infant all the time, during my growing up years and young adult years. I wanted a baby, more then the air I breathed. I would go to the neighbors and “walk” their infant children. Back in those days, people were a whole lot more trusting then today, of course for good reasons. It was just safer then, then now.  We lived in a small town and my neighbors all knew me. It was easy to find a mom who would gladly let me take her child out for a stroll. 

While on the walk, I would imagine that this child was mine and how I would be, if I was his, or her, mommy.

As I became of adult age, I took my sister's children places with me when I could, all the while, still imagining that what ever child I had at the time, was mine.

It is a good thing that I did not become a real mom then. I spent a few years dipping in the worlds party scene. At age 24, I finally came to my senses,reached my bottom with the evil that was ruining my life, and quit that lifestyle. I rededicated my life back to the Lord at that time.

Soon after that, I met and married, Michael, who has been my team mate now for 32 years. We wanted parenthood right away.

On our honeymoon, we wasted no time starting that family.

Well it worked! Nine months later, wonderful and awesome, Megan was born. I finally had a baby of my own. Let me tell you that she was the most beautiful baby in the nursery, or anywhere I went.

I about kissed her forehead right off her most of the time. I love baby foreheads. They just feel so tender when you touch them with your lips. There also seems to be this real connection of love and electricity that pours through you, when you meet your lips with a baby's soft, sweet, little tender head.

I remember a man coming up to me in the grocery store and stating comically, “If you don't love that baby, I will take her!”. It was just the way it was with Megan. I was a mom. I was in mom heaven! My baby was the most beautiful child alive!

Megan was my perfect child. (smile). I never allowed her to get dirty. She stayed on the back porch to play and not down in the grass with other children. I was not going to have a child that had dirt all over their legs and koolaid stains running down the dirt. Do you get that mental picture?

Everything about Megan was perfect, in my love clouded eyes. She was sweet, and adorable. We would give her a small smack on her behind if she disobeyed, and she would behave for a whole week after that. She rarely got disciplined. She was just too easy!

Those were beautiful memories of living out my fantasy. I thought nothing could be better then this. There were no dreams of having any more children then, other then maybe one boy. I guess I was naive enough to think that just because you get pregnant, you automatically get the sex of the baby, that you have desired. I do remember when I was about six months pregnant with Megan, driving down the road, and had this big panic attack!

Oh my gosh, it hit me that I could actually be having a boy and not my coveted girl! Wow, was I duped!

Sometimes I wonder about my own teenager's thoughts, but I must remember that I, myself, was not too filled with knowledge at the age of twenty four.

That did not take long to realize. When Megan was about a year and seven months old, we conceived Jake.

Wow, now my perfect world was about to get complex. Could I love another child as much as I loved Megan? I had fears about this and I remember sitting on a church steps, almost in tears over my fear. A woman friend came to me and helped dispel the myth in my heart that love is only enough for one child.

Those were unfounded fears though, as when Jacob presented himself to the world, it was all over. I had my little boy. He was promised by God to be a peculiar treasure and he certainly was.

There is a different bond that a happens to a mom, with a baby boy. I was protective of him, in a more mother bear way.

Jacob was awesome! He smiled all the time. All the while this little boy just beamed, as Megan was starting to enter the “terrible two's” and feeling some jealousy. She was not my perfect little girl anymore. Wow, where did she go? I was finding myself more angry at times with her behaviors. I would sit and rock this sweet and perfect little boy and feel guilty for enjoying him in front of my tantrum throwing little girl.

Life moved on though, and Mike and I were content. We had a child for each of us to hold. We could go for walks and each take the hand of a child. We discussed stopping here. “A child for you and one for me”, we spoke those words to each other.

Well the Lord had other plans and before we could fully decide if we wanted another child or not, I was surprised and shocked! I was pregnant with Nathan. I was afraid to be pregnant, as I had suffered some complications with Jake. However now, there was no turning back.

I was having another precious baby.

Well I fully believed in the word that states “God will give you the desires of your heart”. Here again, comes my naivety about the baby's sex. Although this time it was mixed with the scripture that I was now claiming. I was a child of God who was learning how to stand on the Word for things to be brought forth in my life. Well learn I must, and I had a few things to discover about God's will.

I was so convinced that this was a girl, that I did not even pick out a boy's name. I don't recall the girls name that we had, as when Nate was born, I think it was shocked right out of my head.

We have it on video tape. There I am in shock, holding this little baby boy, all the while stating exhaustively “God you made a mistake!” “This was supposed to be a girl”!

Then all of a sudden, Nate stopped breathing and choked. He turned purple. Everyone dashed around him, to help him breath again. All that upset went out the window. My precious little boy had just had a brush with death. He was mine and I was going to trust God with him, all the way.

We named him Nathaniel which means gift of God. I wanted to let the Lord know that we trusted Him, with this adorable baby boy.

At the time, Megan and I were at odds over her behaviors, mostly because I was still a new mom and remember I was not a natural mom. I had a lot to learn about motherhood and I took her two year old rejection personally.

The day I left the hospital, I went to church for Wednesday night Bible study. There the Lord spoke to my heart. 
“I am going to heal your relationship with your daughter and then I am going to give you a baby girl.” Isn't God awesome? He cared about my little trouble with my two year old daughter. He cared about every part of this. He cared that I had just gone through a disappointment with Him, over the desire of my heart.

Wow, guess what? He had just told me that we would have a fourth child and I was going to get the desire of my heart!

The child for you and child for me thing, was out the window. We were now a growing family, with a decidedly, exciting future to look forward to.

Megan and hubby Dan

And Josh their son

One more on the way too!


Meg and Matty

Jon, Matt and Desi in high school sports

They were all active their whole school years and all awesome athletes.

Our Family

The title of this book represents raising up our kids to have a heart for the Lord. :)

Anna the promised child

Megan and Anna

Jon and Matty little cuties who both sucked their thumbs. Three months apart in age

Bri and her children

Jayden and Aniyah

Matt and Jon


Chapter 6

Caleb and his son


What a team!

Our house was full of cribs and high chairs. We adopted all five infants in under four years.

Jonathan a new journey

Caleb and Bri. Adorable!

Megan and Jacob

A baby as pretty as her

Our first Christmas after Jake died with

grand babies 2013

About five months after we adopted Briana, the Lords voice came to me again. We were in church one Sunday and the Lord spoke to me in that still small voice again.

"I an sending you a biracial baby boy.” I turned to my husband and told him what the Lord had just said. He was like, Whatever!

I began to tell my world that I was pregnant with a biracial baby boy. I had no clue how long it would be, as Briana came to us 5 years after the Lord spoke to me, about her.

It could be another five years. We had to wait and see.

We were walking out our life with five little children and doing day to day life, when the phone rang. Briana was only 7 months old.

“Terry, do you and Mike still want to adopt a baby that no one else wants to adopt?”

Wow that sounds terrible, as Caleb was so wanted by us. However Ruth's words were because Caleb's mom had Schizophrenia and he was just hard to place. There could have been other parents for him, but God was choosing us.

Michael was in Texas on a business trip, at the time. We did not know how this was going to happen. How would we do a homestudy?

My friend, Dorothy S., called me up. She had a word from the Lord. "He would make a way through the ocean, where there was no way".

I believed that He would! I just trusted.

The phone rang. It was Ruth. The court was going to do our homestudy by phone!!

They called Michael in Texas, and me at home, and asked us the appropriate questions.

It worked! Three days later I went down to OSU hospital to pick up my little Caleb. Wow was he cute. He was so light that I hardly believed that he was biracial. It was love at first sight with Caleb. I had no clue what was in store for us, as Caleb had been drug affected.

Then 3 days later, I met Michael at the airport with little cherub in my arms. He took one look at him and told us all that he looked like ET. We all just laughed.

We took our little family home. Megan was 10 years old at the time, Jake was 8, Nate was 5 and Anna was 3. Briana was seven months and Caleb a new born. We were busy and loved it!

The new joy did not last long, as far as Caleb was concerned though. He went into full fledged drug withdrawal.

Caleb cried almost constantly for three months of his life. He was as stiff as a board and dressing him was a challenge.

He was quite tactile and just touching him would send him into a crying fit.

I once got him to sleep on my shoulder and told Michael to take a picture, as it was a rare thing.

I was never really bothered by his crying, which was a miracle of it's own.

When he was three months old, he appeared to blossom just like a flower. He had not even smiled up to that point, but when he found out how to smile, he never stopped after.

Caleb was true gem, sent to us by God and we knew it.

How it all began..........how the Lord led us.........

Megan, Jacob, Anna and Daddy

Jacob so full of love

Holding his Nephew

Our first grand baby.

Jacob died in 2013

He was a gentle giant!

We miss him terribly.

Chapter 3

Chapter 1

Chapter 7

Chapter 5

Chapter 8


Deserai's story is really filled with miracles. Desi is the last of our adopted children. I consider her the caboose.

I do believe she is the last child that we will have. I don't plan to raise my grand children, but only God knows the entire future. I am 56 now, and not nearly as energetic, as I was when we were adopting these children.

In January of 1994, the Lord spoke to my heart. “I am sending you a Biracial baby girl that will be born with drugs.”

A bit later he gave us a name for her, Deserai Mahalia. This all happened nine months almost exactly, to when Deserai was born, and came to us. The Lord knew that she was conceived and he knew where she was going to go, to live out her life.

The Bible says that He knows us in the womb. He knits us together and counts the hairs on our heads. He was preparing us for Deserai at the date of conception, just as I believe he prepared us for Briana long before she was even conceived.

I know the voice of the Lord well. I went out and purchased a little pink onesie and put her name on the tag.

I got a call from a friend and and she said that the Lord had shown her that we were getting another baby. God was speaking. She had a day crib that she wanted to give to me.

You see, we had cribs all over this big “mansion” that we called home. We had four little ones in cribs at that time, and then we had cribs and playpens downstairs too. Not to mention three highchairs across the dining room.

So we were going to need another little crib for Deserai.

One day in August, I was sitting on my front porch, just watching the traffic. Where we lived was a popular area for prostitutes to hang out. The houses on Bryden road were all older, majestic homes that were being bought, rehabbed and updated by folks.

It was really nice area, but a high attraction for prostitution.

There was a crack house right across the road from us. You will probably think us quite brave to be there, but that is where the Lord put us. We called it “never a dull moment, on Bryden road”. There was always some crime, or crisis that God was calling us to help someone with while we were living there.

So, as I was sitting on my front porch in the sun, I saw this prostitute out on the corner. She was beautiful!!! Wow, I was so smitten by her beauty, that I made a comment in my heart to the Lord. “I would love a little girl as pretty as her.”

I had no clue how powerful that thought would become in my life.

This prostitute was pregnant. She was tiny and I thought maybe, she was five months pregnant.

I used to spend some time witnessing to the prostitutes in my neighborhood A few days later, I walked across the street and tried to talk to her. My plan was to tell her a better way, if the Lord gave me a chance.

My opening line was “So, you are having a baby, huh?”

She stuck her nose in the air and began to sing. She was completely ignoring me. It was sort of funny, but I felt awkward, so I moved away from her.

Back to my life in a normal fashion, the phone rings about three weeks later. It was Ruth. She asked us if we would take a biracial baby girl that was born with crack cocaine? YES, we sure would! We had already been prepared by God and this was fulfillment of our new little daughter. This was our Deserai.

Once again, I was at the hospital and being handed a tiny little bundle. Wow, I noticed something right away. She looked exactly like that prostitute, I mean it hit me so hard like flashes of light going off in my head.

Later that day, I cleaned out Desi's hospital bag and, low and behold, in the bottom of the bag, was the tag that goes on the back of the nursery bed.

It had the last name of the birth mom on it. We were not supposed to have that tag. This was a mistake from the hospital, but a part of the plan in God's eyes.

The next day after we brought Deserai home, that same prostitute was out in front of our home, flagging down cars with her body motions.

She was no longer pregnant and here I sat in my home, holding a baby that looked just like her.

Could it be her baby? Could God have given us her baby? Could he have heard my hearts desire for a baby as pretty as her? Or did he literally plant that thought in my mind to make this so much more a miracle?

Deserai's birth mom had, had a cesarean section. She had herpes at the time of birth, so she could not deliver vaginally. So if this was my baby's birth mom, then she was out on the streets, prostituting her body with staples in her gut.

How desperate drugs can make a persons life.

It took me at least three or four months to get brave enough to ask some of the street people, this woman's name. Sure enough, she had the same name as the baby's tag!

God had literally given me her baby!! I was in total awe of God.

She had no connection to me at all. She was just hanging outside my home, on my street corner and when she went into labor, it was my lawyer that was called in to handle it.

It was all God's doing, as He had prepared us from the moment of conception. He had his hands on little miss Desearai's life right from the start and He was keeping her safe.

This mom was a severe drug addict. Prostitution was her only survival to keep her in drugs.

She was jailed during several months of the pregnancy and this is probably what saved Deserai's life.

Desi was born positive for crack cocaine, but she was spared during the critical forming months of her uterine experience.

I was just in awe of God over this. He knows everything. He could have stopped that pregnancy from happening, and he did not. Instead he allowed the baby to be protected during the critical stages of development and then He had a plan for her whole future. She was ours!

Nate and Jake


Anna and Bri. Race nor how you joined our family, whether by birth or adoption, all were sibs that loved each other and to this day they all do. Everyone is close.

This boy could Rock

the sports too!

I don't think I ever stopped to question God about our calling. It all just felt so natural. We were just so naive and immature, but yet we were also obeying the voice of God in a blind fashion. It was the only way that God could have brought us onto this path. If I had a vision of what I would really have, had to go through, I would have ran away fast, really fast.

I was still pregnant with Nate when this bomb shell was dropped from Heaven, packaged in a most unlikely cover.

We were involved in our church with the bus ministry. Mike would pick up inner city kids each week, whose parents did not take them to church.

There was a family on that bus that was special to us, and yet their very presence caused us to walk in that loving forgiveness of God that passes all human understanding.

You see this mom and her two children that came on that bus, had another son who was in jail. He was in jail for murdering the daughter of a close friend of ours. That crime was heinous! It involved the occult, horrible and tragic things, that were done to our friends daughter!

I am not certain that the mom knew about our relationship with the murdered girl's parents, but we knew everything and yet we still just loved this family.

The teenage daughter had dealt with sexual abuse from her father and much emotional abuse. One night she ran away from our bus when it was time to depart for home. I have always loved teenagers and had spent time ministering to plenty when I had been involved in Alcoholics anonymous. That was a time after my dip into the worlds party scene.

So my heart just naturally reached out to this girl. We got in our car with our two little ones and set out to find her. When we found her, we invited her into our car. She sat in the middle of Mike and myself. I put my arm around her and began to minister to her hurting soul. She cried and spoke her pain to me. My heart broke that day.

We then delivered her to the bus and she went on home safely.

After she was out of our car, I turned to Mike and blurted out, “Let's do foster care!”

Now that was crazy!! We had two little children to care for and one on the way. I never questioned it though. Mike and I just started talking about it. We both felt in our hearts that God was calling us to adopt and not to foster, as time went on. We prayed about this event and how it had changed our hearts.

I was hungry hippo and pregnant with Nate, but it did not stop me. Everywhere I went, if I saw a family with a child that looked different form them, I would find out if they had adopted. I asked questions. I went to the library and got books on adoption. I read everything that my hands could find in that place and then started getting interlibrary loans. I was consumed by the desire do to this.

At this time, God had not even yet spoken to me about our fourth birth child. I just could not get away from this call that God had given us. Life held an air of excitement for the future. We were embarking on a road that only a handful of souls went on. Why did we not think about the emotional and physical cost, then?

I still say, if we had, we may not have done it.

Anna and her

hubby Tommy

Megan rocking Matty, Jonny and Desi



Life moved on for a few months. We were walking in this place of glory, but it was not easy. We knew that the Lord had more for us. In fact, our hearts were prepared for even more then we eventually got, but it was our human vision at the time.

We were searching for a home that was bigger then our four bedroom house that was only 1600 square foot. We had a hard time with that. I remember coming home from church one Sunday and told Mike that we should just go get a regular house and forget what we thought God was going to do in our lives. I was battling discouragement.

Mike said “NO, we can't NOT do this. It is so strong in our hearts that we cannot stop it.”

I had to agree with him. Then it happened. We found this huge home on Bryden road in Columbus. This house was mansion sized, but our pocket book priced. It had been a group home for mentally retarded men. The house was full of needs, but we did not really notice. We saw our vision being fulfilled in this house. We bought it.

We were in our new home and fixing it up about 6 months, before another call came through from Ruth. Would we like a little black baby boy who was ten days old. YES was our answer. The Lord had shown us another baby. It had not been a specific word, but we knew that one was coming.

Matthew was born at Grant hospital which was just down the street from our home. Megan, who was 12 at that time, and I, went down to pick him up.

When they placed him in my arms, I screamed!!! He was the most adorable little boy you could imagine. He was born with a dimple and a complete head of thick black curls.

It was love at first sight for me and Megan both. Taking this little cherub home was the beginning of so many joyous days. Matthew was full of joy all the time and he showed it. He never ran out of smiles. Thank you Lord for Matthew.



Chapter 2

Caleb a fast birth

This kid rocked at sports.

He got scholarships to 

Otterbein University for Track

He was just awesome and

Graduated Suma Cum Laude

With Distinction and 

Was the speaker at Graduation

The door opened and in walked this beautiful, dark haired little waif, named Christina.

She was two years older then Megan, our oldest. Now, I will say, that it is not always best to adopt children that are older, then the oldest child in the family.

We watched Megan go through some really tough stuff and begin to withdrawal into herself, after Christina came to us.

However, we had the word of the Lord and we were sure this was what He wanted us to do.

Christina came with lots of emotional baggage. She never stopped talking at the dinner table, which today is the norm for our house, but then, it wasn't. We were stressed by her constant chatter and it was hard to digest our food. She was incredibly hyper and we believed ADHD.

Nate was only four months old when Christina came to live with us. So we had a new baby, two toddlers and a new “child”. Life was sure filling up.

I lived in the land of perfect, so now we were going to be “perfect” foster parents.

We were going to give this poor little waif a wonderful life with everything that she did not have before. Wow did we have our hopes up and our thoughts and plans were once again somewhat naive. That was ok though. We had much to learn and we were on the path that God was directing us to be on.

Just a few months into Christina's stay, she became free for adoption. Don't you think that I thought, that God wanted us to adopt her?

Wow, everything had happened the way we envisioned it would. Now we were doing that mission that God had called us to.

There was a problem though. Megan was having more and more problems and so was I. I was starting to resent Christina at times when she did things that hurt my birth children.

One day I was head over heals in love with her and the next this mother bear would come out over one of my birth children.

Christina had been very abused. It was evident in many ways and yet in others, she was just a normal 7 year old child. Only we had not yet experienced a 7 year old, so we did not know what one was supposed to be like. Remember still, we were just on a learning curve with the Lord.

This started to eat at my heart, greatly. I was often not sleeping well at night, just thinking way too much about all of this. I vacillated a lot about adopting her. I thought I was going to literally fall apart, when one day I went into my bedroom and laid myself out before the Lord.

I told the Lord, that I was not coming out of this bedroom until he spoke to me. I wanted His direction only and His plan for Christina, and for our family.

I stayed there in His presence for what ever time it took to hear His voice.

When He did speak, it was that still small voice that I can fully remember, even to this day.

“"Terry, you asked me if you could do this. You wanted to know if you could adopt and love a child that was not born to you".

"I gave you everything you asked for. You can do this. However for you and your family, this is how it will go. Let Christina go to be adopted into another family."

"You will adopt a black baby girl first. In your home, the kids will come in age appropriate, every child under the age of the previous one.”

I was totally freed that day. We told the agency that we could not adopt Christina. She was placed almost right away, in a home where she was the only child. I would like to believe that she had a very blessed life and even much more then we could have given her at the time.

As soon as we released Christina, a miracle was released in my relationship with Megan. We were healed completely and bonded so closely again.

We now had our nice little family of three, but yet a promise of a fourth child, another birth girl and a promise of a first adoption, a black baby girl. Walking out the future now, was with anticipation and excitement of what God was going to do.

"Raising Hearts"

Briana Spoken into existence

Family Fun

Chapter 9

Megan, Jacob and then comes Nathan

To be continued................................

The Call

Bri and awesome

future hubby Tarry

Matt and Bri

Nate came home and now we had a promise of a fourth child. We were busy parents, just enjoying playing house.

Nathan was about to throw a monkey wrench in all of that. He was colicky and oh so strong willed. I was tested beyond what I thought I could bear, many times. Looking back, I wonder why, right in the middle of this, God dropped “the call” in our laps.

We did not look back. We contacted a Christian foster agency and got a home study done. Nate was four months old. They rather thought that we were crazy, for we wanted a child to adopt. They just did not get younger children, much less adoptable ones, as they were a secondary agency to the county.

Then one day, I got a call. It was our agency. “Terry, you are not going to believe this.” they spoke.

“Yes I will” I replied confidently. I knew God. I knew that He had a plan up His royal sleeve.

Then the info came. They had a little girl that was seven years old. She was abused mentally, physically and sexually, though they did not mention the latter at that time. She needed a loving home to come to and be nurtured in.

I told them that I was going to pray and that I would call them back. I did just that. “Lord, do you want us to take this little girl? If you do, I am going to call my friend Nancy and You have her say "Go for it.”.

I did not even know that was a fleece, at the time, or if I did, I was so naive as to believe in them like an innocent child. There goes that dumb thinking again, but it worked! God is so good to meet us where we are at, in our walk with Him.

I then picked up the phone and called Nancy, whom I considered to be my spiritual mom, at the time. Nancy had taught me a lot about the Lord. Her guidance was invaluable. I was grateful that God had put her in my life.

Well we chatted about it and I was about to hang up, when Nancy said those fateful words. “Well I would say, go for it”. I about dropped to the floor!! Nancy, you don't know what you just said and then I shared my prayer with her.

We knew now, that God was in this. I called the agency back and said yes!

Now we were about to embark on a new path that was filled with an air of excitement and unknowns. This path would stretch us beyond what we thought possible, though looking back, we know it was all very normal parenting stuff. We had just not yet experienced it. Remember all through this, we were not natural parents. We had a whole lot to discover.