How God brought Desi and Joshua, blood siblings, into each other's lives!! AMAZING!
I have a story to share that may seem a bit surreal but is totally, absolutely all true.
We have nine children. Four by birth and five adopted.
Our youngest, Deserai is 18 now, so they are all now adults, but we got them all as infants.

One day in 1994, the Lord spoke to my heart, as He always did when He was sending a child to us.
He told me about Desi. He told me that we were getting a biracial baby girl and that her name would be Deserai.
I went shopping soon after that and purchased a cute little onsie and put her name on the tag. We gave her a beautiful middle name, Mahalia.

A friend contacted me about that time and told me that the Lord had shown her, we were getting another baby. She had a crib and wanted to give it to us.
At that time we had four adopted children under 3 and our birth children were 5,7,10 and 13.
We were busy but our hearts were open to this new baby, a promise from the Lord.

He also showed me that she was going to be
a crack baby, so I began to pray for her months before she came to us. That was nine months before Desi became ours. The Lord knew that she had been conceived and He told me right away. He already had an amazing plan for her life.
One day that summer of 1990, I was sitting out on my front porch getting some sun with my children.
We lived in an area that was nice, dense city, older mansion size brick homes, but was also a popular district for the prostitutes to hang out in.

That day I saw this new girl on the corner. I noticed right away that she was pregnant. I thought maybe five months. She was beautiful!

I sat there and voiced a little thought to the Lord. "Oh Lord, I would love a little girl as pretty as her."
Where did that thought come from? Why would I think something like that? I mean lots of people are pretty. Why her? She was a prostitute. I thought her life was such a waste and she was having a baby. I don't know why I thought because she was so pretty, that her life was a waste. In my younger mind, that is how my brain worked.
I didn't see her again right away. Life went on......
Two weeks later, I got a call from my lawyer. Would we like to adopt a biracial girl? She was born crack positive.

I was prepared by the Lord and said YES! Mike knew too. We were ready.

Three days later, this tiny adorable little baby was handed to me and I knew something right away. She looked like the girl I had seen. Could it be?
We got home and I opened her bag from the hospital. I pulled out the crib tag. When you adopt, that is not supposed to be there, but God made that tag find it's way to me. He wanted me to know, so that I could know how great HE IS!
The tag said LADD.

TWO DAYS after Desi was given to us, there was that same prostitute out side my house and she was no longer pregnant. Could it be??????
It took me two whole months to get brave enough to ask some street people what her name was. YES her name was Joyce Ladd.

I had this silly little thought that I would love a baby as pretty as she was and GOD DROPPED HER IN MY LAP!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!! I knew God's hand was so on this little girl's life!

Desi has grown up. She is talented, funny, loving and yet she was born with the effects of alcohol and drugs that has overshadowed many things in her life. It made it hard for her in school. She has such a difficult time with her emotions too. She is doing a lot better as she matures, but life has not been easy.
Her 18th birthday was August 22, 2012. She is beautiful and happy to be an adult, but readily accepts our help still.

She graduated in June 2012 and promptly quit her job at Mcdonalds, as it was just too stressful for her. Dealing with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder requires a lot of energy. The job was just more then she could handle and not have emotional stress all the time.
So she spent the summer looking for a new job. This was no easy task in our world right now.

Everyday she looked and met a lot of dead ends. I was suggesting places and one place that I had suggested was the Ohio Thrift store. Two of my other daughters had worked for their company and liked it.
For Desi, we needed something a bit lower key then Mcdonalds and that meant not going back into fast foods. I was asking her to do fast food though if she had to, until she turned 18 and other types of jobs would open up.

So we tried and tried and applied and applied and ran here and there etc.....nothing............

Our Ohio Thrift Store hosts a half price day the last Wednesday of each month. So a couple weeks ago, I decided to hit that day to shop. I got up early so that I could get there before the crowds. Desi went with me because I told her we were going to the chiropractor after and she had been getting treatments for her back.
Well I got to the store and it was empty. I am like, "Isn't this Wednesday?" I never mix my days up because I use a calendar. But guess what? I sure did! It was Tuesday!
So I went in anyway and checked a couple things and then I asked Desi, if she had done an application for this store yet and she had not. So I told her to go up front and make the ap out or find out if it was online.
Then I knew something that I was supposed to do. I know the manager there, Doug. He was there when my oldest, Megan, worked there. He is a great friendly person too. So I checked around and found him and asked if they were hiring. He said they were hiring part time. So I told him about Desi and he said to have her fill out the application and he would look at it.

We did that and I walked out with a strong feeling that she would get this job. It all seemed perfect for her. It was close to home and a low key job.

About a week later, she got the call, on her 18th birthday no less, for a job interview! We were thrilled and I just knew she had the job. I felt it all was God's plan.

She started work right away and loved it. It gave her an opportunity to play dress up every day, hehe. as she is model pretty and loves fashion. No more uniforms for work, as Mcdonalds had been and now her vast wardrobe was getting use.

She got up every day two hours before work just to fix her hair and dress nice. She was loving it.
Everyone compliments her at work, even the customers and Desi eats that up.

So this Friday night I was there just a tad late to pick her up and the workers were all waiting outside. It was closing time. There were a couple of really nice ladies and this gorgeous looking young black man. We all chatted for a bit and they were not upset with me, for being late.

Desi and I got home and right away she got a text from this young black man who had been outside, whose name is Joshua.

He is like, I didn't know that your mom was white.........Desi is like, Yes I am adopted.
He states, OMG, I am too and my mom is white. THen she shared that she had FASD and he shared that he had the same.


So Desi bounces upstairs to tell me that she met a boy with FASD. That is the first time anyone has shared that information with her. She was excited to have a friend she could identify with her and she works with him.
They had been goofing around at work a bit too and becoming friendly.

I kind of warned her not to get involved with him because one person with FASD is hard enough, lol.
So she goes back down stairs and a few minutes later comes running up in SHOCK AND TEARS!
"WHAT??????" I am like

"He asked me if I might know my birth mom's name and I told him and he wrote back and said OMG! YOU ARE MY SISTER!!!!!!!!"

I sat there in total shock. I knew Desi had a brother named Joshua. I knew from past that he was adopted. I even had baby pictures of him in Desi's baby book. Friends had given these to me because he was in the foster system and my friend Marcy knew his foster parents.

He knew his birth mom's name and so did Desi.
Their mom is a prostitute and drug addict on the streets of Columbus. She has a rap sheet a mile long and has been in jail about every year of her adult life.
Desi cried and lamented and was just in shock. So was I. But then too, I knew that God had made this miracle happen for her.

Now look back on what I wrote and see the miracle that God orchestrated. See how I was blinded to the wrong day of half price day and if I had gone in on half price day, I could not have spoken to Doug as it would have been too busy.

Desi got that job because I went in on the WRONG DAY!
We were guided to that job as that is where Joshua worked!

God knew all this and HE MADE IT HAPPEN!!!!!
Now look back and see how HE has guided Desi's life from the date of her conception.
Isn't He amazing! We are trusting Him with just all of Desi's issues and know that He has a total life plan for her.

After the shock wore off and both Joshua and Desi cried for a while at each their own homes, still just texting on the phone, they begin to talk to each other and ask questions of each other.

Last night, he picked Desi up from work and brought her home so he could meet us. He had so many questions that I filled in for him, as I knew Desi's birth mom. I had watched her outside our home, night after night, and prayed for her.

One day she had come over to me about a year after we got Desi and asked me if we had adopted a baby about a year ago named Darrian Alicia? I was shaking and said that I did not have any children by that name. I walked into the house shaking and praying and picked up my one year old daughter, Desi, and rocked her and held her close. I prayed that God would get us out of there, as I didn't want her to put her hands on my daughter. Her hands were on "john's" and drugs all day long.
God moved us shortly after that and we never saw Joyce Ladd again.

Now we know her other son, Joshua
and we now have ten children. He is part of our family, even though we have a life time of getting to know this beautiful young man.
Welcome to the family, Joshua. I can't wait to meet your parents.

So this is the story of two kids, born to a mom whose life is very sad, but God put His hands on both these kids, guided them where they were supposed to live, and brought them back together.

He is one amazing God. This is all a true MIRACLE!
Joshua and Desi

As documented in my book, Raising Hearts, which is on this website, God led me through our adoption journey by visions and words from HIM. 

Well yesterday I completely flipped! This vision is not in that book, as I have to continue it yet.

Here is what I saw though:
Desi was a few months old. I was sitting in my bedroom window and praying. A very tiny AA baby boy was shown to me. I knew he was born with difficulties, just not sure what. I thought it was our next child. I wrote in my Bible, Promise from God, another son, and I named him JOSHUA! The Lord spoke to me. He told me to name him ISAAC and HE showed me a type to follow after with that name. Isaac was the promised child of Abraham in the Bible. Abraham doubted God's word and created Ishmeal. Ishmeal wasn't from God and he didn't do well in his life.

When the time came, Isaac was born. God's promise did come true. The Lord was showing me not to try and create my family. To wait upon HIM and our children would come in HIS TIMING.

Yesterday it dawned on me that JOSHUA HAS COME. EVEN THE NAME THAT I GAVE TO HIM! He was already born at the time of that vision and already adopted into his family and his name was still Joshua. God was showing me Joshua as our next son. He never showed me another vision for a child after that. It was my last vision and every child that HE showed me, is documented in Raising Hearts. Click on the link at the top.

And every one came to us. 
I have known this baby boy vision for 18 years. I thought at this point it might be a grandson. NOW I KNOW IT IS OUR NEW SON, Desi's BLOOD BROTHER, JOSHUA!!!!!!!! GOD IS SO AWESOME!!!!!! HE IS JUST AWESOME!!!!!!

Desi's Miracle

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